Driven by a heartfelt desire to give a voice to the unseen and unheard, Kim uses the power of photography to forge deep connections and authentically tell the stories of individuals and communities. With her compassionate eye behind the lens, her captivating and thoughtprovoking photographs aim to make a positive impact on the world.

Since 2019, Kim has embarked on an awe inspiring mission to document the world of coffee farms and the communities they impact with Biggby Coffee's CEO and founder Bob Fish's project called One Bigg Island in Space.  This incredible project has taken her to remote locations across Africa and Central America, showcasing the beauty and struggles of these often overlooked regions. To date Kim has photographed 50 Coffee farms around the world. Read more about One Bigg Island In Space.

Kim Zahnow is a talented and compassionate photographer based in Saugatuck, Michigan. With over 20 years of experience in commercial, portrait, documentary, event, and travel photography, Kim's expertise is boundless.

Kim is a visual storyteller and a true humanitarian, capturing the essence of her subjects through her lens. Her photographs are not mere images, but powerful narratives that ignite emotions and leave a lasting impact on viewers. For Kim, photography is a medium to inspire and bring meaning to others.

Kim's passion for visual storytelling shines through in every photograph she captures. She not only captures the physical elements, but also the emotions that lie beneath. Her photos reveal the raw and unfiltered souls of her subjects, connecting with viewers on a profound level.


Commercial Photography

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College Degree in Photography

Over 20 years experience


Saugatuck, Michigan


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One Big Island in Space/Biggby Coffee


Havey Pro Cinema

Grand Rapids Public Museum

J.Petter Gallery

Jeff Blandford Gallery

Palette Cosmetology 

JBD Construction

Saugatuck Visitors Bureau

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Douglas Halloween

Davenport University

Upscale Mercantile

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